We live to give.


Charity Birthday is a program of the Own The Room Foundation, based in New Jersey with volunteers around the world. We are a new non-profit that gives money to other charities and helps develop programs to encourage more people to unleash their goodness.

The Charity Birthday project is designed to encourage people to give back on their birthdays or other special holidays. We understand that charity takes many forms, so whether you do a fundraiser or a collection drive, raise awareness, or donate your time, we hope you’ll feel inspired to give back to a cause that you care about on your birthday.

Charity Birthday is a 501c3 non-profit organization with no full time paid staff. Its board of directors, advisory board and teams are volunteers. Charity Birthday is under the umbrella of the Own the Room Foundation, a non-profit striving to create a better and more empathetic world through acts of kindness.

If you want to donate to Charity Birthday directly, it will be distributed to a number of organizations, including the ones in the spotlight charities list. A portion will also be used by volunteers to organize more programs like Charity Birthday that get people involved in doing good and having fun.


There are so many great charities. Below is a growing list of charities that not only have a great reputation but where we have seen and volunteered first hand to see how well they operate and how much good they do.


Bill Hoogterp, CEO, Own The Room and Foundation
Maria Hoogterp, Corporate VP, Entrepreneur and investor
Thomas McEnanly, CPA, Director of Financial Audits, HUD
Darshna Modi, Scientist, Global Trial Leader, Novartis
Michael Sanchez, CEO, CafeMedia