• July 30, 2019

TC Teh : No presents for my birthday please

TC Teh : No presents for my birthday please

TC Teh : No presents for my birthday please 1024 545 Charity Birthday

My son Keller wanted to do something for a good cause for his 6th birthday (Feb 2015) and he came up with the idea of sacrificing his birthday prezzies to give to charity.

So we found a wonderful website called SG Gives where he browsed for causes he identified with. He finally decided on the Nature Society of Singapore (NSS) because he cares about the environment and loves nature. He wanted Singapore to be *full* of plants and animals when he grows up.

In the end we managed to collect and donate a total of $602.

This is Keller giving a speech thanking his friends and their parents for NOT BUYING HIM PRESENTS! Please watch and hope your kids might find it meaningful. (sorry the vid’s a little fuzzy at times)

After the party I chatted to him :
Dad : So do you feel sad you don’t have any presents?
Keller:*cheefully* No! I feel very good to share!
Dad : Really?
Keller: Ya! Also my friends don’t have to crack their heads to think of a present for me. They can just give to a good cause!

A BIG thank you to Keller’s friends who came to his party and who gave so generously!
And thank you SG Gives for making this so convenient too.

We hope that he may inspire many more kids to support their favourite charities in Singapore. Make it our family SG50 project for Singapore’s birthday!

So we hope more kids might say,
“No presents for my birthday please! I’m Singaporean”