• September 5, 2019

Charity Birthday Contest Winner: Julia

Charity Birthday Contest Winner Julia-Change the World

Charity Birthday Contest Winner: Julia

Charity Birthday Contest Winner: Julia 1024 536 Charity Birthday

To launch our website, we celebrated with a Charity Birthday Contest where contestants shared personal acts of charitable giving. We were overwhelmed with amazing responses by people who have a passion for unleashing their goodness onto the world. The Charity Birthday team is excited to announce the contest winners! Each story is incredible. We hope that you enjoy!

In this post, we are highlighting Julia. Julia is currently a college student who loves to spend her time giving back to society. In the past, she has done great community service work such as assisting with horse therapy for children with disabilities. Additionally, she has helped raise money to help build houses in Cambodia, amongst her many other fantastic acts of kindness. While in college, Julia did not know how to get involved with local charities, so she came up with a great idea to create a website called Generation Impact, which serves as a resource platform for young people who want to change the world but don’t know where to start. For more info on Generation Impact visit: https://www.generimpact.com/

Question 1: What inspires you to give back to society? 

When I was ten years old, I had a really hard time: my parents separated, I had just moved to a different country and wasn’t getting along with my classmates. I joined a youth club where I met my “group leaders”, older students who would organize activities and be there for me whenever I needed them. Ever since then, I had a strong motivation to give back the kindness, time and care they showed me and I have been very lucky to have been given many opportunities to do so. 

My group leaders were a primary motivation for me to become a leader in my community and I receive so much kindness every day that I feel it is my responsibility to pass it on. 

Question 2: What are your favorite ways to be charitable? 

My favorite ways to make a difference are small acts of kindness: actions that often don’t get recognized on a large scale. When we think about inspiring heroes we usually think about famous personalities who do great initiatives that change millions of lives. However, we forget that we interact with dozens of people every day and thus have a chance to make someone’s life better all the time. I love running peace conferences, blogging on my resource platform and standing on a stage giving speeches. But the most important way to make a difference is by being a caring member in my community, making myself available for people if they need help and checking in with friends who may be having a hard time.

New Student Orientation just ended here at my university and it was such a privilege to be there for the incoming freshmen on their first day at school. As a peer mentor in one of the freshmen halls, I hope to continue being there for them and making their first semester a great experience. Who knows – maybe I will inspire them to become a leader for others? That would be one of the cheapest, easiest and most impactful ways of making a difference. 

Question 3: How has giving back affected you? 

I try to give without expecting anything in return, however, it always makes me incredibly happy when people come to me and share that I helped them in a hard time or had an impact on their life. When I am not involved in my community I feel restless: if I am only benefitting myself, why do I really exist? If I live to serve others and make the world just a little bit better I have a reason to get up every morning and that’s the biggest reward I get: purpose

Julia embodies the spirit of Charity Birthday. If you have an awesome story that you’d like to share, fill out our contact form! We’d love to hear from you and highlight your act of kindness.