• August 23, 2019

Meet The Fellows: Sajayah

Charity Birthday volunteer

Meet The Fellows: Sajayah

Meet The Fellows: Sajayah 1008 1024 Charity Birthday

Here at Charity Birthday, a project of Own The Room Foundation, we want to inspire people to unleash their goodness to the world. Therefore, in this blog post, we are highlighting our fellows who help to make our mission possible. Today, we are highlighting Sajayah. Sajayah is currently a senior at Rutgers University.  She has a passion for helping others, especially children, and she brings that amazing passion here to make our organization a success. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her Shih Tzu. We hope you enjoy her story!

Question 1: What inspires you to give back to society?

Ever since I was a child, I have had an innate desire to help other people. It brings me so much joy to see someone else prosper and grow. I believe that people should be kind to each other and help in any ways that they can because we all share a special thing…we are human beings. We all share this gift of being human, so why not spread goodness to each other? Helping someone does not have to be a grand gesture, it could be simply holding the door for someone or giving a compliment. You never know what can make someone feel special.

Question 2: What are your favorite ways to be charitable?

I love helping people in so many ways. However, my favorite way to give back is by helping children, specifically with their education. Earlier this year, I participated in a program at my university that allowed me to be a mentor at a local middle school. Being a mentor is wonderful. I was able to bond with the students and help them to succeed in their academic endeavors. Spending time with them twice a week was the highlight of my spring semester. I could see how much the kids enjoyed spending time with me. The experience showed me how being a constant figure that the kids can talk to and receive guidance from is really impactful. Overall, being a mentor was an amazing experience and I encourage others who are passionate about helping kids to do the same.

Question 3: How has giving back affected you?

Giving back has affected me in such a great way. It has made me question the societal problems that have caused injustice in the world. When you do an act of service you have to question why you are doing it in the first place. I was a mentor at the middle school because it was a predominantly minority school with kids who do not receive the same resources and advantages as kids who benefit from a higher socioeconomic status. Also, it inspired me to do research and service with the intersectional problems that affect the kids I worked with. Many problems in this world aren’t singular. Thus, it’s better to look at problems comprehensively to help make the world more equitable. 

Sajayah embodies the spirit of Charity Birthday. If you have an awesome story that you’d like to share, fill out our contact form! We’d love to hear from you and highlight your act of kindness.